Bollard Art Contest

Beaufort Town Center is hosting a Bollard Art Contest! Beginning August 15th, you’ll have the opportunity to vote for your favorites below!!

**Images below are examples only. We will replace them with the real images once the bollards are painted**

Beaufort Town Center Participants

The images above are examples of other cities that have gotten creative with their safety bollards! We are so excited to see what our Beaufort Town Center businesses come up with! Be sure to visit the following businesses and vote for your favorite when the contest begins!

Contest will begin August 15th and all votes must be submitted by September 15th! Participating businesses include:

  1. Urban Brew & Co.
  2. Wild Birds Unlimited
  3. Grounded Running
  4. Grid Self Storage
  5. Barbers of the Lowcountry
  6. OMNI
  7. Moss & Hatchet Lowcountry Axe Throwing
  8. Hank’s Lowcountry She Crab Soup


21217 Boundary Street, Beaufort SC 29902

Vote for your Favorite!