Our Green Story


Beaufort Town Center has been committed to protecting the Lowcountry’s pristine environment since its inception in 1998.  We take environmental responsibility seriously and understand that it is more than a passing fad.  That’s why Beaufort Town Center combines commercial, office, service, residential and entertainment spaces in the heart of the City of Beaufort, creating a neighborhood where you can live, work, play and shop without ever getting in the car.

Interconnectedness to Beaufort’s natural beauty, pedestrian friendliness and environmental stewardship are hallmarks of Beaufort Town Center. Beaufort Town Center is an infill redevelopment project located at the entrance to the Landmark Historic District in Beaufort, South Carolina.

The 50+ acre Beaufort Town Center is being developed as a new urban town center containing mixed uses including retail, commercial, residential, hospitality and lodging.  As a redevelopment site, Beaufort Town Center is helping improve our environment in the following ways:

It’s a Smart Site

  • Beaufort Town Center is a brownfield redevelopment site.
  • Over 50 septic tanks near the saltwater marshes were replaced with sewer.
  • New mixed use buildings replaced unsafe, uninhabitable buildings.
  • Wide sidewalks provide easy pedestrian access.
  • Parking is shared, carpooling is encouraged and low-emissions vehicles are provided priority parking spaces.
  • A comprehensive stormwater management system exceeds current codes, protecting the nearby waterways.


Beaufort Town Center is uniquely positioned along Highway 21 / Boundary Street, in the heart of the City’s redevelopment district, where it is adjacent to government centers and connected to other commercial centers.  Prime waterfront space has been donated to the Beaufort County Open Land Trust, preserving beautiful marsh views for the public to enjoy.

1600 Burnside is LEED® Gold

1600 Burnside, the first in a series of live-work units in Beaufort Town Center, has been awarded LEED Gold certification.  It is one of fewer than 700 new construction buildings nationwide to receive this designation.
What does this mean?

  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is the nation’s preeminent green building rating system. It is the national standard for design, construction and operation of high-performance, sustainable buildings.  LEED promotes design and construction practices that reduce environmental harm caused by buildings and improve occupant health and well-being.
  • LEED buildings incorporate technologies, materials and designs that improve such things as air quality, energy efficiency, natural light and emission of pollutants.
  • Owners save money, at least 28.6%, on energy bills.
  • Green buildings typically provide higher resale values and lower operating costs.
  • LEED buildings provide longer performance of construction.
  • During construction, 75% of the construction debris was recycled.
  • 20% of the construction materials were manufactured within the region, and 20% of the materials were made of recycled products.

Beaufort Town Center is committed to remaining responsible stewards of Beaufort’s pristine lowcountry environment and will continue to incorporate smart growth and green building technologies.